Exploring the Effective Factors on the Process of Customer E-loyalty Formation in Online Shops in Iran


1 Associate Professor, Department of Management, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.

2 Graduete of Business Management, Isfahan, Iran.


The present study is focused on the role of three dimensions of ERQ (electronic relationship quality) to facilitate the process of e-customers' loyalty formation. To this end, a model is proposed based on previous studies in Iran which specifically concentrates on individual and organizational factors. For data collection and testing of the model electronic questionnaire was designed and distributed among the customers who experienced shopping from online shops. At last, 358 acceptable questionnaires were used for analysis. Results of data analysis using structural equation modeling reveal that the selected individual and organizational factors are led to e-satisfaction, e-trust, and e-commitment in customers. E-satisfaction is effective on e-trust and e-commitment. E-trust is effective on e-commitment. Besides, three dimensions of ERQ are effective on e-loyalty of customers.