Investigating the impact of website attributes on online purchase intention with the mediating role of consumer internal states: an approach from the stimulus-organism-response model


1 Professor, Dept. of Management, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran & Visiting Professor University of Illinois, Chicago, USA.

2 MA, E-Commerce, Dept. of Management, University of Qom, Iran


As the number of online stores expands, so does the competition. Therefore, one of the essential things in this situation, for online retailers to do, is how to attract more and more consumers to visit their website and how to make a pleasant shopping experience for them, so that they buy the products offered. In this study, The Stimulus-Organism-Response (S-O-R) model was used to better understand online purchasing behavior, where Stimulus refers to product introduction and personalization, and Organism refers to the consumer's trust and satisfaction that could lead to the Response resulting in Online Purchase Intent. The researchers collected 384 questionnaires from customers based in Karaj who have at least once experienced purchasing products from Iranian online stores. By implementing the Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modelling software to measure the correlation between variables, the result of the research found that product introduction and personalization as stimulus have a significant influence on consumer trust and satisfaction, which lead to the response in online purchase intent.