Developing and explaining the open banking model through the approach of soft systems


1 Ph.D. student in Business Administration, Payam Noor University Postgraduate Education Center, Tehran, Iran,

2 Associated professor of Department of Business Administration, Payame Noor University, PO Box 19395-3697 Tehran, Iran.


Technologically enabled financial innovations are blurring the boundaries and traditional business models and leads to new sources of value creation. Therefore, the current research was conducted with the aim of identifying and determining the impact of the components and indicators of the open banking business model in the Middle East Bank through the soft systems approach. The statistical population of this research in the qualitative part consists of middle-level managers of various branches of the Middle East Bank active in the field of open banking and managers of fintechs, whose sampling was carried out using a targeted and snowball method until reaching theoretical saturation and In th quantitative part he number of managers, employees and customers of the Middle East Bank branches in Tehran is based on the Cochran formula, and the sample size is equal to 370 people. The data collection tool in this research is semi-structured in-depth interviews in the qualitative part and researcher-made questionnaires in the quantitative part. The method of data analysis in the first part is based on the of soft systems methodology and in the quantitative part using confirmatory factor analysis and structural equations.