Marketing Science and Technology follows a single-blind peer review process. Although the Editors of Marketing Science and Technology strive for the most timely and efficient process for peer review, our over-arching goal is to provide substantive reviews to our authors along with constructive suggestions for improvements and clarifications when needed. Manuscripts submitted to Marketing Science and Technology are reviewed by at least two referees selected from the relevant worldwide research community and no article is accepted without two complete and final reviews. For revisions of prior submissions, it is common for suggested major revisions to be re-evaluated by the original referees, but articles requiring only minor revisions are often only re-evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief. The reviewers handling a paper are all anonymous and are invited by the manuscript’s Associate Editors, who also remains anonymous and are selected by the Editor-in-Chief. Although Associate Editors are tasked with making recommendations on each submission that they handle and can request revisions as well, only the Editor-in-Chief can make a final decision to accept or reject an article.

   When selecting reviewers, the editorial board seeks to avoid conflicts of interest and close associates of the authors, such as frequent collaborators, former advisees, or former advisors Marketing Science and Technology accepts manuscript submissions from its own editorial board members in cases in which the identities of the Associate Editor and referees handling the manuscript can remain fully confidential. To be accepted, manuscripts submitted by editorial board members must meet the same quality standards as all other accepted submissions; there is absolutely no special preference or consideration given to such submissions.