Mediator Role of Customer Brand Engagement and Online Brand Experience on Brand Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty in Social Media


1 Marketing Management Department, Faculty of Management & Accounting, Professor at Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran, Iran

2 MBA student at Iran University of Science and Technology

3 MBA student Alzahra University


The purpose of this research is to study the mediating role of customer online brand experience between brand engagement and brand satisfaction and brand loyalty in social media. The population under study consisted of 279 customers who were selected randomly from the database of an e-store. The data were analyzed by using a PLS software and using structural equation modeling. The findings revealed that community, information, engagement, identity-related, economicrelated, and experience effects on brand engagement. Online brand engagement influences on brand experience. Also, brand experience influences brand satisfaction and brand loyalty. Brand satisfaction effects on brand loyalty. Brand experience plays a mediating role between brand engagement and brand satisfaction and brand loyalty.